Inner Circle Entertainment


Unity Game Engine


Design and implement fun to play games


Founded in 2015

Meet the Team

We are a team of students from Carnegie Mellon University taking Game Design, Prototyping, and Production.

Roy Koganti

Roy is a senior completing a dual degree in Computer Science and Mathematics, and a minor in game design. He is primarily a programmer, and secondarily works a story writer.

Brian Fischer

Brian is a senior completing a degree in Computer Science with minors in Game Design and Japanese Stuides. He primarly works as a producer, programmer, and designer.

Madeline Duque

Madeline is a sophomore studying Information Systems. She is an artist, programmer, and designer.

Daniel Hua

Daniel is a sophomore studying Computer Science. He is a programmer, composer, and game designer.

Logan Joseph Smith

Logan is a graduate studant studying creative enterprise.

Jordan Tick

Jordan is a sophomore studying Computer Science. He is a programmer and level designer.